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abcDB DATABASE v6.0 6.39

abcDB DATABASE v6.0 6.39

abcDB DATABASE v6.0 Publisher's Description


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Signature capture and MORE! Printing
Support? Remote Data access? Price abcDB 'Pro' YES! No No $19.89 abcDB 'Pro-Print' YES! YES! No $29.89 abcDB 'Wireless' YES! No YES! $34.95 abcDB 'Wireless' with Printing support YES! YES! YES! $43.95     Check out our new 'Desktop Studio'!!

Look at some of these NEW features...
  • GPS Functionality.  You can now easily capture data from many types of connected NMEA compatible GPS devices.
  • SUBFORMS!  You can now add up to 5 additional data sources per form.  This powerful feature will enable you to build applications that were simply not possible before!
  • MODULES!  You can now include 'subroutines' in 5 different modules.  Each 'subroutine' can be called from code anywhere else in your application.
  • Now include a TAB control on your forms. 
  • New functions and commands have been added to the abcDB 'Scripting' Language:
    - ASC() -- Returns the ASCII code for the character provided.
    - CHR() -- Returns the ASCII Character for the code provided
    - CURRENTTAB() - Returns the current tab number of the tab control.
    - EXITAPP() - Exits abcDB completely.
    - EXPORT() - Exports data to CSV or HTML.
    - FORMAT() - Formats the given string to a DATE or CURRENCY format.
    - GPSRAW() - Returns the raw data from your GPS receiver.
    - GPSLAT() - Returns your present Latitude.
    - GPSLONG() - Returns your present Longitude.
    - GPSALT() - Returns your present Altitude.
    - GPSALTUNIT() - Returns the 'units' that your Altitude are measured in (ie. Metres)
    - GPSTIME() - Returns the current GPS time.
    - GPSSPEED() - Returns your present speed in Knots.
    - GPSMAXSPEED() - Returns the maximum speed you've traveled since executing GPSINIT.
    - GPSMAXALT() - Returns the maximum altitude you've been at since executing GPSINIT.
    - GPSOK() - Returns TRUE if your GPS is receiving sufficient satellite data.
    - GPSDATE() - Returns the current GPS date.
    - GPSINIT() - Allows you to send initialization strings to your GPS.
    - GPSOPEN() - Opens a serial port connection to your GPS device.
    - GPSCLOSE() - Closes the serial port connection to your GPS device.
    - HOUR() - Returns the HOUR of a given time/date
    - INPUT() - Displays an 'inputbox' allowing the user to enter a value, and returns the value.
    - INT() - Returns the integer portion of a number.
    - MINUTE() - Returns the MINUTE of a given time/date
    - MONTHNAME() - Returns the name of the month of the given date.
    - MESSAGEBOX() - Displays a messagebox and returns a value depending on which button tapped.
    - MOVETO() - Moves to a specified record.
    - POSITION() - Returns the position of the datasource in the format Record# / Total Records.
    - RANDOM() - Returns a random number
    - REPLACE() - Replaces specified characters in a string with different characters.
    - RETURN() - In a subroutine, returns control to the calling code.
    - RUNAPP() -- Executes an external application.
    - RUNSUB() - Executes a subroutine that is stored in one of the 5 application code modules.
    - SECOND() - Returns the SECOND of a given time/date
    - SEEK() - Allows you to find a record based on criteria and reposition your form to that record.
    - SETTAB() - Positions the tab control to the page specified
    - SIP() -- Shows or Hides the keyboard.
    - SUBFORMREFRESH() - Refreshes(requeries) the specified subform datasource.
    - WEEKDAY() -- Returns the number of the day from a given date.
    - WEEKDAYNAME() - Returns the name of the day of the given date.
    - ZOOM() - Allows you to 'zoom' the contents of a control so that your user can more easily enter/view data.
    - Ability to filter DROPDOWN and POWERPICK queries to only include DISTINCT items.
    - TEST and WHILE statements now include the IN operator, allowing you to test whether a value is IN a comma delimited list of values.    - --- Other minor improvements and fixes too numerous to mention.

Want to learn more? Check out our 230 page manual.

Try it today! Our goal is to provide a powerful tool at a price that ANYONE can afford. We appreciate any and all input and suggestions you may have.

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